Manhwa Artist Spotlight: 9 Faces of Love (Part 1 of 3)

1 of 7 Week Long Series Celebrating Manhwa Artist Wann.


This manhwa is a collection of short stories all consisting of love and tragedy. Each story has meaning and after reading this collection I have come to the conclusion that I love dramatic love stories with a little of tragedy. It gives you a fairy tale then snatches it away from you.

Return Of Princess Rouana.


This story is a supernatural romance it’s about a princess that left her palace to be with the man she loves who is also the sorcerer everyone hates. A young messenger comes to the palace to deliver the message “The princess has returned after 40 years”. The king believes she’s here to put a curse on the palace so he wants to lock her up but his mother the queen stops him and treats the young woman as a guest in the palace. The mother had her suspicions about the young woman but wasn’t too sure but she trusted her instincts. The young woman named Asha started having memories of the palace as if she lived there herself. Until she goes into the forbidden room of Princess Rouana does everyone in the palace finally believe that after 40 years Princess Rouana has returned. Asha is Princess Rouana and all her memories of the palace and why she never aged comes back to her. The sorcerer named Cayan was her lover that she left the palace for and the plague took over 40 years ago when she first left the palace and Rouana was one of the unfortunate people who was affected by it. Cayan put Rouana to sleep until he found a cure for the plague which happens to be 40 years later when he awakens her from the sleep he put her in. everyone aged except Rouana and entering her room again made Rouana understand everything and what Cayan did for her.

Believe Ye Your Eyes.


This short story is about a man that faced death and escaped with his life when a bullet missed him. Sei is a pretty boy that women flock to everywhere he goes and he broke the heart of one woman and she tried to kill him because he rejected her love but she spared his life so he can one day experience what he put her through. After that incident Sei couldn’t see women…literally women were invisible until he noticed his next door neighbor Lynn and he became infatuated with her yet she never noticed him. After a incident in her apartment Sei comes to Lynn’s rescue that’s when she really noticed him and he confessed his feelings and she rejected him and that’s when he understood the pain he put women through. Lynn feels sorry for him after seeing him in that state she offers him a cup of coffee that starts off their relationship of finally being noticed by each other.

The one thing I found weird was how he got into her house all the time….like is she that careless that she leaves her front door unlocked? That question is never answered it just happens like that.

A Short Game About A Chance encounter 


This short story is about finding your soulmate there is so many chances in the world where you meet the same person in different situations and feel that instant connection to each other. The man and woman are put into many different situations where they encounter each other and the end result was them living happily ever after.

This is one of my favorite short stories in the volume and I really loved the idea I picked up from it. That no matter where or when love has a way of finding people whether you found love young or later in life it always finds it’s way to you. Trials and tribulations are bound too happen you have to kiss a few frogs to find your favorite.

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