Tech Talk: Samsung Note Edge


The Samsung Note Edge is one of the best phones I’ve owned. I upgraded to this phone in August 2015 so I’ve used it for about 7 months now and I really love it. I’ve been loyal to the Samsung family since the Samsung Galaxy S4 but I go further than that with The Samsung Instinct but lets not bring up the old days. I got the phone because of the edge screen and the urge to try something new. 

After a few days I got used to the edge screen having the main apps I use rather than travelling through the phone for a specific app. I love this screen it has made popping open a app and multitasking much easier. The many faces of the of the edge screen makes it worth the buy i can literally customize it to anything from a S Health panel to a memory game all on the edge screen. The feature that the screen has when the phone is locked is when you touch the edge screen it leaves the main screen asleep and the edge screen light up to show you the time date and any unread notifications. I also love when you receive a text message the message scrolls across the edge screen which is perfect for discreet people like myself. Also perfect for groups with the Samsung Note Edge to cheat on a test too with that free idea don’t get caught.

When I first got it the phone was laggy and took a while to open apps on the edge screen then it got better after an update and then of course got laggy again even though I cleaned it out regularly to avoid lag. The edge screen has been good to me and hasn’t lagged yet so fingers crossed that it will not do so anytime soon. The phones overall performance has been good for me I’ve only factory restored it once since it lagged more than usual. This was the last phone before Samsung had the ridiculous idea to removed the micro sd slot and removable battery.

I love the Note edge and I don’t plan on upgrading until the micro sd slot comes back to Samsung phones opening apps has become too easy to go back to a phone without a edge screen it just saves time. This is my first note phone so I still don’t get much use of my pen until someone is telling me something I need to write down then I feel fancy writing notes on my expensive phone.



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