Day 2: Fav. Anime You’ve Watch So Far

Day 2: Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So far?.

I’m assuming this means an anime that I love even though I’ve yet to finish it. There always SAO but decided to go with Parasyte: The Maxim.  Manly because it’s the more recent of the two but also it took a lot less effort to draw my attention during it’s original Adult Swim run.

Yes, unlike a lot of anime fans.  I enjoy dubs and subs equally.

Parasyte is everything I love in a anime.  Dark, suspenseful and in other moments comical.  Through this series. You can see parallel is the human condition. How there good people who life just screws over like Shinichi?  The naivety of Kana. The possibility of change through Reiko Tamura.

Shinichi transition is whole other story all together. But through, losing his mother, friend and various near death experiences. How could he not be somewhat warped?  I think it would natural for someone to learn how to compartmentalize after going through all of that.  Add Migi ミギー into the mix.  Shinichi disposition becomes completely understandable.  I definitely feel for the kid.

So what did you think?






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