Day 5: Ani. You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

Day 5: Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed?

Number 5 was a pretty easy question.  First anime that came to mind was Crayon Shin Chan but I’ve seen way worse.  Things more vulgar and far more morally f’d up. At that point it was between Schools Days and Masters of the Martial Hearts. Both fairly good choices but my level of repulsion for them aren’t even close to what I felt when watching Ikki Tousen a.k.a Battle Vixen.

Hakufu was a total airhead. A talented airhead but still an airhead none the less. This show had panty shots galore.  Bouncing bust lines, the works. Vulgar language which is too be expected. Literally in the first episode. She gets groped while fighting and instead of acting in a way that makes sense. She assume the guy is a bra salesmen and is perfectly fine with it. Remind you, she was in the middle of a street brawl.  A few seconds after that she gets tossed across the school yard by the beasty sized male student.  I’d also like to add that Hakufu mom’s is crazy as hell.

Koukin, I thoroughly feel bad for him. Having to baby sit his troubled cousin.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen it. So some of  the details are a bit blurry in terms the entire plot.  But what happened to Eye Patch (Shimei Ryomou),  I will never forget.

She got her ass whooped by another girl from a rivaling school. Said girl molested her as a remind to come back and exact her revenge. Then shorty went home to seek out one of her hoes. Fucking ridiculous. At this point, not only did your lose. But you got violated right after. I would have definitely felt some kind of way about that.  My pride would have been damaged beyond repair. If I was her, I would even acknowledge this loss-Ever. As I said before. Fucking ridiculous.

About a year or so after after I watched it, season two popped on the scene. I really wanted to watch it. But I still haven’t been able mentally prepare myself to rematch season one. This show is not for the fainted hearted. I’m not even built for it. Sense where being transparent, I don’t even know how I got threw this mess.

Anyways, what are you thoughts in regard to Ikki Tousen?





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