Day 7: Your Anime Crush

Day 7: Your Anime Crush?

This was another easy one. But at the same time, slightly embarrassing to have to admit to this as a grown ass woman. But my anime crush, now and forever will be  Kurama of Yuu Yuu Hakusho.  I’m about to make a complete fool of myself but fuck it.

Kurama  a man of many names. But to be honest, what is there not to like? He’s smart, kind,  and cunning. Blunt at times but a pretty dope as fighter. In other moments, he can be ruthless. Did I forgot to mention that he was reincarnated demon?


In his past life, he was a notorious thief known thorough out Makai (demon word). Combination of greed and ruthless behavior brought about his downfall forcing him to retreat to human world. (Hiding in a womb of unborn child).  Over time, the love of his human mother helped to change many of his quirks. So much so, that he was willing to give up his life to save her.

His backstory is interesting, that’s part of the reason for my feels.  But if, I’m being honest for the sake of transparency.  It’s also the face.  And his overall cool demeanor. If I’m going to continue to be honest. It’s also the voice( John Burgmeier) in the Funimation English dub.  I have this weird relationship with my ears. LOL AUDIO MIXER PROBS. But I digress.

I also have a bias towards the Red Head version I say this with no shame in my game. I think it’s the fact that I associate the white haired version with the past and the red is more so the present. I wasn’t too found of Youko look in my first encounter. So not really sure what it is. But all in all, I still got love for you. lol

I think a story is in order. My Yuu Yuu Hakusho addiction was something serious when I was younger. So much so, I would talk about it none stop. Probably annoyed the hell out of Alice and Drey back then but it’s not everyday that I am thoroughly moved by anything. That’s still true about me now but 10 years still makes quite a difference. But let’s stay on topic. My addiction followed me at every turn. I had a conversations where me and an online friend would pretend to be trapped in the Yu Yu Universe. I would tell stories about the day to day escapades with Team Urameshi.  I won’t go into detail but they were pretty got damn epic. I’m ridiculous.

So what are your thoughts? Let me know in comment section below. And while your at it, check out Drey and Alice post.  There just as wacky as I am.









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