#30DayAnimeChallenge: Day 9

DAY 9: Best Anime Villian

To me the best anime villian is Meruem from  Hunter x Hunter. Meruem was a powerful,unstoppable, sadistic, and terrifying villian but, what makes him unique from other villians is that he fell in love. Meruem is the King of the Chimera Ants that are giant creature human, insect, and animal beings. The Chimera ants devour any living thing and feed on thier life force making them stronger.Pig cooks them into balls of food.

Meruem has three royal guards Neferpitou (cat), Shairipouf (butterfly), and Menthuthuyoupi (hybrid). Meruem is suppose to be the perfect t hybrid and the most powerful. He could tier any person apart. He is a merciless killer who cannablize any Chimera that disobeyed him. Meruem wanted to be the best at everything. He would play board games with the most best players in the world and when he lost intrest in them he would devour them. He eventually meets a human Komugi the world champion of Gungi. He beings to respect Komugi while playing Gungi the more he got to know her. Meruem beings to question his purpose after meeting her. Meruem slowly develops an attachment to Komugi while playing Gungi. Even being the most terifying villian he still opened his heart to Komugi that makes him the best villian.


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