Day 9: Best Anime Villain




Day 9: Best Anime Villain?

Being the hero or villain is a matter of perspective. I wanted my choice to reflect this truth. I could have easily gone with Lelouch/ Zero from Code Geass. He would have gotten the job done but I decided to go with my original favorite villain.  Shinobu Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho.

Sensui aka Black Angel.  A former Spirit Detective of Ningenkai (Human World).  He had a pretty Black and White view of the world. Demon’s are bad and Humans are good.   Born with extraordinary spiritual awareness he excelled at his role. According to Koenma and Kuroko (A former detective)  he was pretty warped. Sensui witness a incident that alters his whole reality. He goes into hiding soon after.


Detective Sensui

So your probably wondering why Sensui is my favorite villain? Here’s why.

He literally went from being human world savior to it’s persecutor. Mentally, he wasn’t strong enough to deal with his post.  After watching the famed Chapter Black Tape which helds record of humanities worse deeds.  That’s all he needed to be pushed over the edge. While in hiding he created six personalities to deal with his psychosis. One of his personalities is a female. That’s bonkers. And even though his personalities are all different and serve a different purpose. They all agree with Shinobu’s vision.  They all agree that humanity is poisonous and we should suffer for our sins.

And how was he going to accomplish this? Open the tunnel to Makai and let everyone be destroyed by demons.  Diabolic.  Someone that always stuck with me in relation to Sensui was the way he spoke about how grotesque humanity. And when I mad man starts making sense on logical ground. This is not something  to take lightly.

He was right about a lot  of it. Man kind is messed up.  Rape, murder, greed and all these things plague us. They are all apart of daily life.  We treat each other horribly. I can see where he’s coming from and yet I don’t agree. There are people out there who are worth saving. Warm and generous people. There are pure people.  Why should they be punished for the discretion of others? Is that really acceptable?

Anyways, Thank you for taking the time to rock with me. In your opinion, who is your favorite villain? Let me know in the comment section below.











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