DAY 12: Saddest Anime Scene

The most saddest anime scene for me was in Akame ga Kill. The whole anime was depressing. It was a good anime but it was so damn sad. I was crying through out most of the series because everyone had a freaking epic death scene. I thought it was goin to be a good exciting action packed anime which it was but it was full of never ending tragedies. The main hero Tatsumi traveled to the kingdom to bring money to his country but in turn gets treated like crap. He meets this couple who he thought would help him in becoming a knight but, only to find out that the family is crazy and they were raping and torturing his best friends. Then he joins the group of cool looking Assassin’s that fight for justice only to watch everyone… 😒😭😭 I can not explain because it’s to freakin sad.

With the whole anime being sad the most saddest scene to me was Tatsumi’s death.Trying to protect the town from a giant creature he used all his strength and power knowing it would kill him to save the village only to be crushed and die. He manage to save the village and it’s people. He died the hero that he set out to be.

                   Reat in Peace Tatsumi


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