Day 13: Anime Character your most similar to.

I had a difficult time with this question. I thought back and one character that appeared most similar to me was Rahzel Andis from Dazzled. Rahzel has a strong tuff personality. She has been through many tuff situations growing up. Rahzel relies on her companions thorough her journey and they help her on her travels.I myself have very good friends to that I rely on.

Rahzel and I have many similar personality traits. Rahzel loves fashion. I myself love fashion. I love watching Project Runway.  She is very outgoing and so am I. I love traveling and hanging out with my friends. Rahzel is very straight foward she will tell you how it is. I am the same way, I am told a lot that I am very straight foward as well. Rahzel also loud, clever, sensible, short tempered, wise, dedicated to her friends,and a all around bad-ass. She also has a bad sense of direction. Rahzel loves sweets, hates bored things, and hates smokers who smoke in your face even though you don’t smoke.This describes me perfectly. I can not tell you how many times I have gotten lost if it wasn’t for GPS I’ll probably be lost in a cave somewhere.

                  Be ready to be Dazzled.


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