Day 18: Favorite Supporting Female


Day 18: Favorite Supporting Female Character?

You ever watch an anime and wish you could be cool like a character? That’s what Lt. Lucrezia Noin of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing for me.  She was in the Top of Class second only to Zech.  Mobile Suit Pilot . She also descends from Italian Nobility. After graduating  from the Lake Victoria Academy she take a position  as a Mobile Suit Trainer.  . But when Zech called she dropped everything to follow.


I’m not really the fan of submissive female angle but Noin  was anything but a damsel in distress.   She pulled her own weight.  The man she was in “service of” respected her word. He even went as far to seek her out. They were that close.

Something that I really like about Noin was that she as type of gal that stuck to her guns. Oddly enough, she a soldier who hates war.  But was wise enough to comprehends  that at times it’s necessary.   And her personal belief, doesn’t stop her exceling at her job. She is not a character driven easily by emotions. That’s in my opinion is pretty damn admirable.

So who is your supporting female characters?

Honorable mentions: Misato Katsuragi (Eva), Tenten (Naruto), Oliva Armstrong (FMA Brotherhood) and Banba (Princess Jellyfish).







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