#31DaysofWomeninMedia: Day 6

Day 6 dedication goes out to the Runaways Gertrude Yorkes a.k.a Arsenic. So where do I even begin?  Other than her telepathic link with Old Lace, she has virtually no powers.  But somehow managed to survive a shit load of trouble. 

Image result for Gertrude yorkes

But more so then that, I loved Gert’s no-nonsense personality. If you were out of line, she’d call you on it.  Gert is also really smart and seems to never miss a point to show that. She jaded in a way but as the story progresses, she softens a bit.  But at 15 years old, having all this thrown at you, how could you not be?  But to be fair, she was probably like this prior to uncovering the dealings of Pride.  Based on the impression some of Pride had to say about her.

I was a bit bummed out when she died.  And how she died, as well, but that only solidified her as my favorite character in the franchise. It showed her character, what type of person she really was.  A true ride or die. When will your fav ever?

Image result for Gertrude yorkes

What’s more inspiring than being about your word? Putting on for your team and your cause regardless of how circumstances change over time.  Saying something and actually meaning it.  Being yourself, even when those around you just don’t get it.  For that and much more, I salute you.

As per usual,  join the conversation: Who are some women in media that you think should be shouted out? Leave their names below.  Also,  Do you think Arsenic is worthy of her nomination?  On that note, see you tomorrow with a new nomination.


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