#31DaysofWomeninMedia – Day 23


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Vixen is one of my favorite DC Superheroines in the DCU, I really love her powers. Being able to embody the strength and abilities of an animal is one of the most underrated powers. Vixen gets her powers from The Tantu Totem, A fox-shaped talisman created by the African trickster god Anansi the spider. Vixen the first African Female DC superhero back in 1978 to get her own comic series but it was sadly canceled before release but even though Vixen never got the chance to shine in her own series until Vixen: Return of the Lion in 2008.

The comics do so much better when it comes to promoting how I like to see her since it was my first introduction to Vixen I hoped they’d stay true to the comics when she started appearing in the Justice League animated series. I personally feel as if Vixen doesn’t get enough shine in the DC universe, yes she was a great addition to the Justice League animated series and DC had an open opportunity to use her skills as a martial artist and superpowers for many battles they had when she joined the league. I believe DC didn’t give her the props she needed and lacked when it came to showcasing what she can actually do.

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If you remember Justice League Unlimited animated series you’d remember how they really didn’t let Vixen be on her own she always had a scene with Green Lantern (John Stewart) and/or Hawkgirl playing a hint at being the jealous girlfriend because the ex-girlfriend came back into the scene, only when they pair Hawkgirl and Vixen together do they magically become friends because they looked out for each other in battle, honestly it didn’t even have to play out like that since Vixen already told John to his face if he’s having doubts about their relationship to let her know. That scene alone told me Vixen already knew he still had feelings for Hawkgirl and she’s fine with whatever his final decision is.

The CW has an animated web-series Vixen on CW Seed which as far as I know is still running. Instead of season 3 in 2017, we got a Vixen animated movie so I’m hoping the series doesn’t continue in 2018 with season 3 since there haven’t been any articles about canceling the show that I’ve found.

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Source: Den of Geeks

I also have something that I want to get off my chest when it comes to creating live-action versions of comic characters and how they cast these characters in the shows and movies. With the focus on Vixen I don’t watch any shows or movies once I get a glimpse of a character I’m excited about and they cast someone that doesn’t look like the comic character. Vixen is a dark skin black woman and in both shows on CW Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow Vixen is played by light skin Black Women and it erases what I loved most about Vixen from the comics was that she looked like me. I don’t watch these shows and I’m hoping that Vixen is being portrayed in the best possible light that many people will think to check out the comics.


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