Mob Psycho 100 Review

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Have you ever been pushed to the edge and turn into someone your not? In the anime Mob Psycho 100 the main character Shigeo Kageyama at first is your average middle school student who they nicknamed him Mob but, he is in fact a very powerful Esper when pushed to the edge. Mob looks like any ordinary person but as his powers peek he becomes something else. Mob’s power over time have increased as he grew older and he is loosing more control.

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Mob works under the guidance of Arataka Reigen a self-proclaimed psychic who offer’s spiritual counsel for a price. Mob went to Arataka when he was a child for guidance in controlling his powers but instead, he got a job working for him and, he uses him in tuff situations and only pays him 300 YEN which is is nothing. Arataka taught him to use his powers only for good which he does. Even though he is a fake, he treats Mob with great respect and knows of his psychic powers and, sadly he is his mentor. Mob does not like using his powers to much because he knows of the danger they can cause. Mob lives his life without trying to use his emotions because of the danger it can cause. When Mob reaches 100% when he can no longer suppress his emotions he goes into a mental break then, he looses complete control of his powers.

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